A.M.W.E., 2010

4500 toilet rolls, cement, plaster, wood(scraps from local doors and windows), desk, blackboard, crates

Location: Hydra School Projects, Hydra, Greece

This work is site-specific, the site becomes integral to the experience of the work. This work was exhibited in Hydra School Projects located in the playground of the old school. Inspired by the surrounding architecture, 4500 rolls of toilet paper stacked like bricks, were dipped in cement and plaster to form an organic indeterminate structure. The process was almost like a game, like building blocks, ‘playing in the playground’. There is a predestined life of the ‘Monument’, which lasts for the duration of the show. The exposure to the weather conditions, contributes to the wearing away and decomposition which gradually alter its original state. Due to the ephemeral nature of the work, this sculpture leaps between dimensions, which finally collapse into a photographic image whereby the ‘after-life’ of the work takes a different form and exists in the form of one photographic shot and the sculpture gets destroyed.