Ioanna Pantazopoulou creates ephemeral monuments and large installations that aim to disrupt, transform and challenge the habitual approach one takes to spaces and objects. Ioanna questions and explores the physical and functional properties of materials and discarded objects.

Spontaneity and experimentation, trial and error, become vital tools for the process of her work. Each action of the process feeds off the next step and the outcome is formed unexpectedly.

Problems and situations are purposely created in order to find solutions. The experience of disorder and unexpected combinations is manifested throughout by the re-inventing of rules. She invites ‘chance’ to deceive and capture her initial ideas in order to mislead the expected journey the work would undertake.

Ioanna’s sculptures are created in situ therefore the space becomes a vital component to the development of the work. If the work changes location and is remade it can never look exactly the same twice. Due to the ephemeral nature of her work, her sculptures leap between dimensions, which finally collapse into photographic images whereby the ‘after-life’ of the work takes a different form and exists in the form of one photographic shot and the sculpture gets destroyed.

The outcome, simultaneously rough, fragile, and ambiguous provides a trace of her activity. In all her works there is no single focal point; there is an unruly state of organized chaos that encourages the consideration of the relationships between a number of components and the interaction between things and their contexts.