C.A.O.W., 2011

Invoice books, plastic sheets, plastic milk-carton crates

C.A.O.W. bears the acronym for ‘Circus Act Of Wedging’. The sculpture is composed of old invoice books and milk-carton crates which were found in an old warehouse. They belonged to the Greek Dairy Industry AGNO BIOMHXANIA GALAKTOS A.E. and date back from the 1960-1980. Equilibristics is a blanket term for a number of circus skills which involve balancing or maintaining equilibrium. The invoices are wedged, balanced and selectively tied up with coloured plastic sheets to form the ephemeral construction of the sculpture; a precarious arrangement of Equilibristics. The wedges act as a temporary solution in an attempt to prevent the collapse of the monumental sculpture. Like a circus act in progress, if and when the sculpture loses equilibrium, a photographic documentation will follow. Each fall and reassemble will be documented and categorized in phases and will become a major contributing factor in the transformation of the work in progress.