F.S.T.S.  2014

Leather sandals, leather

Location: Primetime Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

Taking the ancient-Greek-style leather sandal to be exemplar of a stereotypical Greek souvenir; F.S.T.S. transforms into a suspended Inverted Monument composed of a cornucopia array of leather sandals. These discarded and faulty sandals came from a craftsman’s workshop in Athens and a small sandal industry in Crete.

The sandals form an upside-down fortress that aims to investigate the symbolic impact of the role of the souvenir in relation to the recollection of an experience.

F.S.T.S. expresses a concern for the notion of the ‘souvenir’ by linking the concept of the object with its collection. Through the collection of sandals from local craftsmen, I am questioning the capacity of objects to serve as traces of an authentic everyday experience.

A celebration of a memory.

A tribute to the authentic memento.