I.W.A.G., 2011

Cardboard, String, Plastic Strips

‘Their Wonderlands Exhibition’ curated by They Are Here, MAC, Birmingham, UK

A site-specific Installation created in response to Yona Friedman's architectural installation entitled: 'UNE VILLE SPATIALE POUR ARTISTES'. Friedman took over the gallery space by creating a maze out of cardboard and wood, whereby the exhibiting artists’ work was installed.

In his maze he had left a corner empty and that is where I created my sculptural installation. I used the scraps from Friedman's maze and built an ‘imploded’ maze within a maze. As a result, a structural dialogue was created. Where Friedman supports his structures by right-angles, I.W.A.G., was made up of curves, slits and cut-outs. Friedman's maze was spacious to walk though and visitors could walk around the whole structure; whilst in the I.W.A.G. maze they were confronted with a more intimate and restricted environment that reached a dead-end. 

Additionally, miniature try-out/study sculptures that were created prior to commencing the I.W.A.G. and were situated within the final sculptures, this formed a third 'maze' and a relation between the tangible object and the monumental environment.