M.A.P., 2011

250 Kg of pasta, wood, silicone, glue, string

‘M.A.P.’ is a site-specific ephemeral monument consisting of a ¼ tonne of pasta.

The ephemeral sculpture was situated outdoors in the centre of the courtyard of a cloister. The raw pasta gradually cooked in the rain and became solid, as well as roasted in the sun which made it frail causing it to eventually fracture and deteriorate. Due to the ephemeral nature of the work, the sculpture leaps between dimensions, which finally collapses into a photographic image whereby the ‘after-life’ of the work takes a different form and exists in the form of one photographic shot and the sculpture gets destroyed. The outcome, simultaneously fragile, and ambiguous provides a trace of the activity and existence.

M.A.P. is an epitaph, a tribute to sensuous pleasure.

Sponsored by Divella