N.T.Y., 2012

Bricks, cement, discarded playground

(swing, slides, merry-go-rounds, see-saws, climbing-bars)

N.T.Y. is an Indoor Children's Playground; a sculptural installation made up of discarded equipment from children's playgrounds which are built-in and made static with bricks and cement.

Materials: cement, bricks, 3 slides, 3 see-saws, 1 swing, 2 round-about, 2 monkey-bars.

An intertwined composition of these 'built-upon' objects form a large-scale installation restricted by three columns in the centre of the space. The mobility of the monkey-bars, see-saws, slides etc are 'frozen' and obstruct by brick walls.

The negative spaces between these objects are filled with bricks and cement.

Their original function and connotations as objects of innocence, exploration, childhood carefreeness, fun and enjoyment have now been blocked.