R.E. , 2012

Tables, chairs, glasses, plates, cutlery, expanding foam, wire, crystals, iron

Dimensions variable (approximate Height: 5.5m, Length: 6m, Width: 4-5m)

R.E. bears the acronym for ‘Reconfigured Etiquette’, the basic necessities required for a seated dinner; a sculpture suspended from the ceiling emerges from a chandelier. Dinner accoutrements become undomesticated whilst the chandelier provides the armature for keeping the sculpture in tact. Furniture is sliced like food; by dissecting and reconfiguring very practical objects transform into unworkable. This deconstruction guards against the belief that the world is simple and can be known with certainty. Reflecting upon Deconstruction theories by Jacques Derrida, this work attempts to deconstruct theoretically and physically; creating a habitat-like structure that is mental and perceptual as much as physical. This disambiguation of commodities cross-examines the relationship between humanity and the current political state of material excess. The challenge is in the process of rebuilding these everyday materials anew. The ‘laying out the table’ becomes a physical action as R.E. celebrates a new system that employs absurdity.