S.B.Y.F. 2016

Reclaimed pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment (industrial bins, fans, ovens, cones, gym benches, plastic pallets, radiators, ventilation pipes, gas mask filters, floor buffer pads, poles, steel rails, plastic parking blocks, chemical storage cabinets, packaging stations, signs, silicone drain plug, conveyor belts, storage units, cafeteria trays, industrial lights, plastic lids, rubber sheets, trolleys.)


Location: Pfizer Building - 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC, U.S.A.

Site-specific Monument created for the  ‘Low-Grade Euphoria’ Exhibition curated by Sanna Almajedi, Valerie Amend, Patrick Jaojoco, Rebecca Nahom, Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi, Vera Petukhova and Jovanna Venegas